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Sun skiing in Val Venosta

The ski season is coming and we can make it, just like our guests to wait until we first turns of the season on Watles can make. We are fortunate to live in one of Europe's sunniest regions. The really cold days in the ski resort Watles above the Klostermarienberg rare, so just recreational skiers get their costs. The warm temperatures and stable weather with good snow conditions make the ski holiday with children a pleasure. While many ski resorts are located on shaded slopes, seems at Watles of the first turns in the morning until the last descent the sun.

Who liked to visit in his winter vacation is different ski areas in the vicinity of several of them, such as Schoeneben above the Rechenpass or Solda. Snowshoe hikers or hikers come with us their money, as there are numerous options in the surrounding area and with good snow conditions directly away from the hotel.

Have we made ​​you feel like now to Skiing in the sun in the upper Vinschgau, then you will find in our Hotel Gerstl the ideal starting point to the most beautiful ski resorts in Val Venosta. The Watles our local mountain is located just 5 minutes away by car. The ski areas of Haider Alm and Schoeneben take only 15 or 25 minutes.

TVBVinschgau Watles Alex felt in 2011 (16)

Soon ... snowshoeing starts

Hardly provides hiking and senior partner Martin in the fall his hiking boots in the basement, already he takes out his snowshoes. It will not take long then he goes back many snowshoe hikes in the snowy mountains of the Upper Vinschgau. Starting from Vitalpinahotel Gerstl above the known Klostermarienberg he starts to many tours with different levels of difficulty.

Popular tours lead guests and him in the nearby valley Schliniger to calf hutch or Reschner Alm above the Reschenpass. Some insider tips knows our senior partner not only in the Upper Vinschgau, but also in the neighboring Engadin. Snowshoes and poles, we will gladly available, then it may also have a beautiful snowshoe hike go.


Funny summit log entries

Our senior partner and hiking Martin was again all summer with our guests the most beautiful hiking peaks in the upper Vinschgau go. Whether Piz Chavalatsch in the Ortler group, his home mountain Watles, the Föllakopf in the Sesvenna or the Piz Lat Reschenpass, he is always looking for his guests the ideal tour. However, the word break, he knows only from hearsay. In return, hiking Martin takes enough time on the summit. Once at the top, he explains to his guests not only the surrounding peaks, he also tells many a funny anecdote.

During the summit rest he always scrolls in the summit book to see who was lately so everything on the summit. Here he comes again and again in all sorts of funny summit log entries. Some of them he has recorded and here you will find now Top 3:

As a first intermediate link between man and monkey God created the mountaineers

2nd Entry 1: weather is foggy and not a pig in sight ...

Item 2: Now still three pigs have come:)

3 Each summit is only a detour to the nearest bar

Obervinschgau - Panorama Haideralm-Schoeneben


This two-hour panoramic walk from the Haider Alm until after Schoeneben leads through ancient pine forests and offers a breathtaking view of the turquoise Reschensee with his sunken old church tower and the entire Ortler! In good weather and clear visibility, the hiker can even look forward to long-distance views in the Inn Valley!

Varied panorama over the Reschensee

Will start the trek from San Valentino alla Muta at 1,470 m, here, take the gondola up to the first Haider Alm (2129). The rise can K800_reschensee1_01 be tackled on foot in about 2 hours. At the top goes up the wide path no. 09.14 right to a hill, from here the trail no. 9 downhill.

We follow the path no. Crosses the 14 of slopes above the tree line. Along parts of the trail leads up and down. As soon as the forest is left, it goes beyond the pastures of Schoeneben further and then short downhill to the mountain station of the cable car circulation. From Schoeneben it goes downhill comfortably by cable car or on foot, always on the road no. 9 that leads down the valley crosses the Rojener road and mostly steeply down to the western shore of Lake Resia. The walking time from Schoeneben is approximately 2 hours. Am Reschensee always arrived along the coastal road K800_wandern8_01 march for about 20 minutes towards the village Resia (1,525 m). In Reschen arrived is possible by bus to the starting point of the panoramic hike to go back on the heath after St. Valentine.

The 11-mile scenic hiking trail in the upper Vinschgau is also well suited for families, entire walk with cable car ride approx 2.5 hours. It can only be overcome in the 240 meters.

Autumn hiking tip: The Stundenweg

Hiking has a calming, almost meditative effects already for many people. Anyone looking for a quiet hike in a secluded and pristine area, finds just the right hiking tour with the Stundenweg in the upper Vinschgau.

The Stundenweg is certainly one of the best hikes in the Upper Vinschgau and offers just for a nice autumn day. Although the Stundenweg counts with its approximately 6 hours walking time to the longer paths, but there are always flatter sections where you can Pegs something and can enjoy a magnificent view over the entire valley of the Upper Vinschgau.

Our Vital Hotel Gerstl, located above the monastery of Marienberg, is the ideal starting point for the Stundenweg. Goal from the Convent of St. John in Val Müstair we organize also like a shuttle that brings you to us.

To also migrate portions of hours' journey worthwhile. Some of these include Klostermarienberg - Schleis, Schleis - Laatsch, Laatsch - Convent of St. John.

Info: Total hiking time: about 6-7 hours Altitude difference: 800 m.. Meals: from the backpack, since no rest stops along the way are available. On the way back we used the best public transportation or a shuttle.


Hiking holiday in Val Venosta - peak storm with a mountain guide

Hiking holiday Hotel Gerstl

The fall in the Vinschgau is as multifaceted as all other seasons, but the color variety is unique in September! Still warm sunshine, clear mountain view and fresh air are the ideal conditions for a hiking holiday in Val Venosta in colorful autumn!

Offer "storm peaks with mountain guide"

From 09/23/13 to 09/29/13 and from 10/06/18 to 10/12/13 to expect the hiking Hotel Gerstl with a very special offer for mountain lovers. The Package Week "storm peaks with mountain guide" is ideal for the WE_5 To end in the mountains of South Tyrol and in the sunny Vinschgau summer. In these two weeks you are well-trained and certified mountain guides on Waalwege accompanied and Gamsstege to the most picturesque locations in Val Venosta. Of course, the participants will also be introduced to King Ortler, with 3905 m the highest mountain in South Tyrol. The price per person for participation is in double rooms Edelweiss only € 590.00 and includes the following:

  • 6 nights with half board Hotel Gerstl

  • 5 guided hiking tours with certified mountain guides

  • organized transfers from the hotel to the walks 100_00692

  • Tickets for cultural highlights in the area

  • to the anticipation of increasing a Duftsäckchen as a parting gift in your backpack to the next walking holiday in Hotel Gerstl

To participate in the hikes in good physical condition is required: it applies ascents and descents von 3 to 4 hours to deal with.

Torment you! - Stelvio Bike Day August 31, 2013


The Vitalpina and Bike Hotel Gerstl is always a popular starting point for cycling in sunny Vinschgau . Families with children on day trips to Schlinigeralm, more experienced climb the mountain bike mountain "Watles" or cycle along the Adige to Merano. Who but this is not enough, you can try the "king class" on the last day of August.


For years will Stelvio cycling day more popular. Also on 31 August, thousands in Prato allo Stelvio will again gather to defeat the "queen of mountain roads". Anyone can join, it is necessary to sign on. Being there is everything!

It's not a race, more of a struggle against the inner demon - and the desire to be one with the silence there. Because for the smg00841lamo-300x199 [1] motorized traffic is blocked the pass that day. Road, nature and height of noise include cyclists. From Prad (910 m) they will cycle through all the landscapes and climatic zones of the National Park, from the green meadows on the transformer to the Ibach up ice and glacier zones of the Ortler massif.

The dream of every cyclist begins in Prato by 6 clock early with a breakfast in the village square. At kilometer 11 Trafoi (1530 m) is reached, here the road is closed to traffic by 8 clock - the climb begins.

2 more Verpflegungssstellen waiting at the 48 hairpin bends. Who then, after 27 kilometers, the summit reached (2,760 m), must feel like a king: He has the "queen of mountain roads" conquered. Who does not like more, celebrating up and cycling the 48 hairpin bends easily back down. But beware: the exit is hard and requires in the sweeping power-sapping braking.

The Never weary complete a round trip: on the Umbrail Pass into the Swiss Munster and back to Prad ...?

Source: Optima Clicks Ltd.

Evening program in the upper Vinschgau

Summer evenings times

For the cozy variety

The weekends start in our area on Thursday. Thus, in the summer cocktail evenings in the open air, long shopping evenings with delights, musical entertainment and children's programs , a wide range of village festivals or church days in the entire area of the upper Vinschgau a cozy alternative to active hiking and biking program in the Vinschgau mountains during the week . In addition, you have another chance to get to know our idyllic, rustic villages and to see literally 'under a different light'! In the vicinity of our Vitalpina Hotel Gerstl takes place the traditional village festival on 01.09.2013 and on 08.15.2013 in earlier times .

Summer drinks reception in the outdoor swimming pool times

From July to August, the pool several times every Thursday a cocktail evening with good music, cool drinks and summery atmosphere next to the swimming pool.

The small cocktail menu promises delicious, cool drinks hotel gerstl burgeis for cooling: Appetizers, from Hugo to Veneziano or prosecco, cocktails such as the Moskow Mule, Sex on the beack, Cuba Libre, or the various flavors of melon, peach, pineapple to the Coco Nut Frozen Smoothies should not be missing here. The drinks are of course all freshly prepared and decorated with exotic fruits, because the eat with your eyes! Of course, also served the famous and traditional 'cool blonde', for those who enjoy more tart. These small bruschetta or Pizzettas be served with various side dishes. There is something for everyone here, even without alcohol.

A DJ plays to a pleasant lounge music in the background or a good live band gives its title to the best and the atmosphere invites you to dance. Hotel Gerstl

All around are small torches and lights devices underline the pleasant, romantic setting, so that the outlines of the mountains of the Ortler and Sesvenna are clearly visible on the dark blue horizon.

So you can leave the evenings on a quiet note, forget the heat and in your days with good conversation Vinschger mountain pass in review.

With the bike through the Vinschgau and at the same time enjoy an inexpensive offer

Bike hit Vitalpins Hotel Gerstl

Another tip for the holiday region Val Venosta: cycling . Venosta is for this sporty leisure option almost always in season. From April to November in the holiday guests have well-developed and signposted cycle paths for recreation on the bike. For each claim is a suitable route to find, be it for professional bikers, families with children or the elderly, the magnificent scenery of the tranquil Vinschgau on two wheels to explore.

Itinerary suggestions for each claim

A beautiful stretch for families begins as the Hotel Gerstl in burgeis. From there it goes to Schliniger Alm, where a cozy inn invites you to stop. Here, visitors should be sure to mouthwatering apple strudel Spielsee Watles taste! Sufficient for the younger guests there is space available for play. Also the way from the valley up to the Watles Plantapatsch Cottage is a picturesque getaway. The route leads through a forest path through a sparse forest, in the high alpine flowers and plants on holiday guest from the roadside to greet her. A Spielsee and a 3D archery range along the way in both adults and children for entertainment. Rather something for fit cyclists is the route to Pfaffensee or Bruggeralm. Here a mountain bike is already advised and the driver should not be quite inexperienced in the field.

Vitalpina Hotel Gerstl package - "The Bike Hit"

The Vitalpina Hotel Gerstl in burgeis offers a special for its guests biking in the period from 05/05/2013 to 30/09/2013 inclusive package - "the bike hit" on. For just € 299th four exciting days are per person included in a comfortable Edelweiss Double Room with half board. Mountain biking in Val Venosta Already at the welcome evening you will get numerous touring information for bike-region. In addition to a bikers map and a GPS rental and a packed lunch on offer with is included. And when the tour did something goes away, the cyclists can also use the service of the bike shuttles back to the hotel. At the car wash, you can bring your bike back to Hochglaz before then store it in a closed wheel space for your next tour in Val Venosta sure. Thus only can set no painful muscle soreness after an exhausting tour, the discerning bikers will spoil you with a special 25 minute bike trail massage. A parting gift will remind you of your biking holiday at Watles addition to the numerous collected impressions for a long time.

Stelvio National Park - guided walk South Tyrolean Erdbeerweg

Hiking Hotel Gerstl

Hiking amid types of protected habitats

National Parks: spacious, protected cultural landscapes that provide many new plants and animals and above all, sustainable habitat.

In these parts, the nature of their own dynamics will be left and protected by special measures targeted against pollution or accidental human intervention. This, very valuable for the people areas are used for controlled, economic research and projects and to ensure remaining areas of unspoilt natural world. Furthermore, they are approved for 'green tourism' and thus also have aesthetic, cultural, educational and recovering effect.

Topics Reich

For our guests the Stelvio National Park offers cimg1835 always a rewarding change of pace and combines movement in untouched nature with useful details about protected nature with its many species of plants and animals. On the different paths of the national parks face the hiking enthusiast cultural monuments, castles, architecture, museums and churches . Nature lovers take on high ways, mountains and waters, can winter walks and high and mountaineering company or silent on themed walks their thirst for knowledge.

Migration: The South Tyrolean strawberry-way

A popular theme hike in the Stelvio National Park 003 the South Tyrolean Erdbeerweg - fits just about this time of year. Visitors gain an insight into the cultivation, history, the social significance as well as the botany of strawberry and learn recordable example, that this comes from America, is grown on 55ha ​​in the Martell Valley, or that strawberries contain more vitamins than in lemons or oranges. ... Overall give 7 stations and about 8 km route insights into the world of strawberry and invite you to a special type of hiking. Starting and finishing the 2 hour hike is a leisure center Trattla in the Martell Valley, with a further variant, which is also a bit more strenuous migration extended by one hour.

Even in families with children these issues hike is where children can discover a lot from the experience stations very popular.

Sit on a comfortable bench the views of the surrounding strawberry fields!


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